Fairly Fashionable? is back Friday 24th, April at MANY 6160

Fairly Fashionable? Was one of my favourite events last year and it is back next Friday the 24th of April at Victoria Hall.

Fairly Fashionable? is a challenge to designers and consumers who question where, how and who makes their garments and under what working conditions. The challenge asks designers to consider the history, culture and ethics behind the textiles used in their designs by linking them to suppliers of ethically made fabrics.

What is the challenge? Fairly Fashionable? challenge will be launched on April 1st when designers will receive a piece of fabric that has been ethically sourced from around the world and traded by members of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. This could be anything from a cushion cover from Kashmir to a hand-woven traditional textile from East Timor. Designers will then have just two weeks to come up with a design that incorporates this fabric and their own ethically sourced fabrics such as certified organic, Fairtrade, recycled, up-cycled or vintage.

The challenge will culminate on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th (www.fashionrevolution.org). April 24th marks the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory disaster in Dhaka Bangladesh, where 1133 lives were lost (with many hundreds more injured) – with devastating long-lasting effects on families and friends. The 2014 public fashion show attracted an audience of almost 300 people! fairly fash Supported by: Fair Trade Freo, WA Fair Trade Collective, Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, Fashion Revolution, City of Fremantle 10307421_637210166384285_3866366976053946831_n

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