Some thoughts on the ALDI development in Hilton

Let me star by saying I have no fundamental problem with an Aldi coming to Fremantle or Hilton. They are undoubtedly going to be a major player in supermarkets in WA in coming years.

That said, I think some of the community concerns around the particular plans for the Hilton proposal have merit. For me the main issues are:

  1. The development turns its back to the street and presents an unactivated, blank wall to South Street. If this side was wrapped with small scale retail like a hairdresser, post office and shoe repairer that would be a huge improvement;
  2. A mixed-use development of retail and residential would be far better. A couple of floors of residential above the retail would add to the residential mix in Hilton and give the development the presence a neighbourhood centre deserves. Even in Fremantle I think most people would say this development is not tall enough!

It may be not be possible to stop the development going ahead even though we can all see how it could be improved and add to the Hilton Centre.

So we’d like your feedback and an additional 14 days (28 in total) was added to the public advertising period – now ending Thursday 14 May 2015.

The plans and detailed information can be accessed at:

aldi 2 Aldi



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13 Responses to Some thoughts on the ALDI development in Hilton

  1. dickbaynham says:

    Having shopped at Aldi stores overseas I am looking forward to welcoming the increased level of competition they will bring to the supermarket sector in WA.

  2. Miryana Marr says:

    This design is typical of any other large supermarket. If you review design elements of any Coles or woolworths stores they also don’t offer attractive elevations to streets – I believe for security reasons.
    Construction of apartments above supermarkets is costly but won’t offer adequate profitability in these areas. Besides, who would live in an apartment above high traffic ( both vehicles and public) from early hours if the day until after 9pm most days?
    Totally see the reasoning behind the development.
    Aldi however, does introduce a lot of products to Australia which are made overseas and don’t quite follow Australian standards for ingredients/contents or manufacturing processes.
    But I doubt anyone’s comments of opinions can alter the direction of this international giant.
    Hello globalisation…goodbye quality!

  3. martinanda says:

    Yes I think both of your ideas are good Brad. Your idea #2 is even better so lets hope that goes ahead too. Martin

  4. freoview says:

    A taller development would go well in that location and a wrap around with small shops would be a great improvement to a blank wall. Residential above retail will start creating the hub that should develop in the Hilton area and there could even be a floor of office space.

  5. Eve says:

    Ideally I would love to see mainly smaller retail shops and a cafe to create more of a community feel. I do not like at all those big ugly, australian shopping areas with carparks. I support more density in housing combined with parks and lots of street landscaping with trees and natives on verges.(although, I doubt many people would like to live above a big supermarket, rather closeby maybe) I don t mind Aldi, it s cheap supermarket that has always interesting weekly/monthly specials of most diverse products. They traditionally used to save on nice presentation and shelves etc to the benefit of low prices. I would love to see more suburban shopping centres here in the fremantle area in the style of the river suburbs here in Perth (Applecross area) and north of the river with maybe a couple of larger super markets but also lovely landscaping, cafes and smaller retail shops. Beaconsfield has already improved (still could be much nicer and more community feel), would be great for Hilton and Hamilton Hill to follow and improve in this direction!

  6. amani says:

    I agree with the previous coment about having smaller retailers there to create a community vibe. since hilton fresh ( the only good vegi shop servicing hilton) closed there has been a significant loss to the area. here is already a supermarket there and we would loose the hairdressers the butcher the vegi shop (who both keep prices competitive) the key cutting shoe repair place and the post office to have another supermarket not sure it benefits us that much. I use that post office all the time and the butcher is my second favorite as the quality is good but its cheap so I may be bias.

  7. Karina says:

    I’m concerned about Brad’s comment: “It may be not be possible to stop the development going ahead even though we can all see how it could be improved and add to the Hilton Centre.” On what grounds can the council reject the proposal?
    I would much rather a mixed use precinct that encourages people to gather and connect. Hilton is not the suburb to go corporate. Keep it community-based.

    • Karina
      I am not sure if the Fremantle Council will have jurisdiction as it might be over the $2million threshold where Aldo can send it to the State Government’s Development Assessment Panel DAP.
      If it under $2million then the City of Fremantle planning staff will assess it on planning grounds height, uses etc and then make a recommendation to Fremantle Council for us to then weigh up

      Cheers, Brad

      • It’s been listed to go to DAP

      • peter says:


        I would be making sure you get detailed costings supporting their price, hopefully through an open tender as Aldi will no doubt be making sure the cost are shown to Council as over the $2m mark to go straight to the State Gov DAP. As a basic back of the envelope check the rate per sqm for large bulky good retails which is essentially what they are being very basic fitouts. Cheers.

  8. ijewellery says:

    I totally agree with your 1 proposal …. a blank wall on South street is a disgrace ; those small shops are crucial to fostering a community in Hilton . I use the post off virtually every day , ( lovely people ) knowing they are being shoved out for a foreign company really saddens me .

  9. Mary Barton says:

    No one has mentioned traffic issues. Hilton is not the place for an Aldi. It is already difficult to exit/enter Ethelwyn St, and Victor St will be blocked off to ingress from the east when Main Roads move the ped crossing. People will flock to an Aldi from neighbouring suburbs and 77 parking spaces will be woefully inadequate (particularly when there’s a funeral next door). Please leave our community a community.

  10. Ben John says:

    I agree with the Mayor’s thoughts and would also like to see ~6x smaller retail shops included along South St side e.g. post office, newsagent, hairdresser etc.

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