Fremantle Heritage Festival starts this weekend (and it’s not just for Hipsters)

Tonight I was catching up on the rather amusing SBS series Hipsters. Episode Four is called the “The future is behind us” and it had a great line “If you want to engage the hipster market you’ve got to make sure it tastes fresh and looks old.”

In Fremantle we are lucky – we have more “old” than anywhere else in Perth and the 2015 Fremantle  Heritage Festival is keeping it “fresh”.

People (not just hipsters) associate Fremantle with historic buildings, the unique and hard to put into words ‘Freo vibe’ and the city’s strong links to the past. The Fremantle Heritage Festival showcases this by telling the stories of the people, the buildings and the culture that have created Freo’s unique layers.

The festival honours and explores the settlement and early days of Fremantle, while revelling in the nostalgia of not-so-distant memories of our childhoods (for me ice skating at what is now Metros).

Through the liquorice allsorts diversity of events including walking tours, musical performances and historical displays on offer over the 10-day festival, you can discover Freo’s colourful past and see how it continues to play a big part in shaping the city’s future.

This Saturday from  11am Arthur Grady Day will once again enliven Kings Square with an array of vintage motorcycles, prams and fascinating items from our past.

This year, you can send a message via morse code thanks to the Morsecodian Society and ride the vintage bus down to the Maritime Museum for their The Unknown Museum tours.

There are also some new additions that give a fun new spin to Fremantle’s heritage such as the 70s and 80s themed roller discos being hosted by Rollaways and “Fremantle…the worst damn hole I ever saw”, a three course dinner of authentic 1920s recipes presented with tales of murder, arson and colourful history.

So whether you are a hipster or not join us as we celebrate the Freo stories that make up the rich layers that is Freo. Details and full program is at:

hertiage festival

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