WA Today on economic downside of Freight Link

I am seriously concerned that the proposed freight link could make it very difficult for everyone to get into the centre of Freo from the North or the East as trucks into the port will have priority (given they will be paying!).

WA Today covered this in part this morning:



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4 Responses to WA Today on economic downside of Freight Link

  1. johnwv says:

    Being the owner of a business and having a family based in North Fremantle, the Port sale and the freight will have a huge impact on us. I understand the economic argument put forward by the port sale and freight link opponents and I’m concerned with all of the potential negative impacts. However we have been living as a Port neighbour for nearly 20 yrs so I’m keen to understand the plans before I ponder what may happen.

    Will High St be cut in half and closed? Will there be no Freo traffic bridge? Will Canning Hwy be cut in half and closed? Will there be limited access to Fremantle CBD? What are the rail alternatives and new port facilities proposed by the opposition? Will there be no ramps off Stirling Highway or underpasses to Fremantle? Where is the proposed freight link route?

    Can this blog and others like it please try to answer these kind of questions and provide information to the community. It will help us face this challenge front on, influence positive change and make it work.

    There’s not much point looking at the historical perspective, which for me started in 1988, except to understand why the State is trying to move goalposts so quickly and why the community faces uncertainty now. Back in the 80’s there was a land reserve that provided opportunity and space for a road network, tunneled or cut and covered, or partially cut and covered to the existing and the future Port. Engineering technology may have seen this land utilised for rail also. Some of that land has been sold so that reserve is no longer available and the some metro residents may now unexpectedly loose their homes. There was a reserve providing an opportunity for the best planning outcomes and technologies of the day for the community. Opponents at the time said it would cut off Fremantle and the same is being said now. That land reserve and opportunity is no longer available and that’s a significant skeleton in the closet of previous State governments and opponents of the sale and freight link.

    Lets see and understand the plans, support those in the community who may receive a negative impact, limit the impact where possible with a positive challenge and influence the plans for the betterment of the entire community and importantly our future generation.

    Further politicising this debate annoys me no end and a bi partisan approach is needed so we don’t repeat past mistakes.

    • John
      To be honest I just don’t know the answers and i don’t even think the state government does. We are trying to find out and to look at the implications of each of these options so we advocate a sensible outcome.

      I agree we need find a sensible middle ground here. I am increasingly moving towards a cap of about 500k containers and a build of the outer port ASAP


  2. raymond foulkes-taylor says:

    the rail transport of containers to forrestfield is an absolute failure as they cannot shift the amount of containers required.
    the link that is proposed is the best option they have if they built another RAIL LINE the issues would be the same.
    the trouble with the green movement and the left wing groups you are all brain dead with no thought of logic.

    • the current rail is not working well in part because in predominately runs at night though West end of Freo. A more direct 24 hour route should at least be part of an evaluation of options. There is little evidence of evidence-based decision making in this process so far.

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