Final Malmo piece – nature and density done well.

I wanted to finish off my discussion of wonderful Malmo with a pictorial piece on how the Western Harbour focused strongly on reintroducing biodiversity, nature and unique play spaces into a medium density development. The development required 50% of plot area should be green space.They did this through a combination of great parks, green roofs, open drainage systems that drain into pools in courtyards, local plantings and lots of open space and trees space. It makes the whole development feel green and welcoming and it softens the dense urban elements making the whole place extremely liveable – despite the often freezing weather.

Green space was key to the development and now attracts people for all over Malmo. As Persson and Rosberg write in “A Book About the Western Harbour” : Bo01 was a pioneer in ecologically sustainability in a dense  urban environment  …” a sustainable area where residents ned not be aware of their resource-efficient living. The sustainable district was to be just as comfortable, appealing and picturesque as the unsustainable, only then would it become the obvious alternative for the modern urban citizen … it would be both fun and comfortable” pg 14

I hope you enjoy these photos.


Open drainage system in Western Harbour



Water then runs into ponds with reads that purify it.


Open channel that runs to the ocean



IMG_0206Examples of the quiet nature filled  internal spaces



It was a cold wet day but this play ground was voted best playground in Malmo – by the kids (and the toilet block even has a green roof if you look closely)


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One Response to Final Malmo piece – nature and density done well.

  1. freoishome says:

    Where you off too next?

    I agree that green space is really important, and pleased you have raised this, and I think many in Freo agree as well and are concerned that it doesn’t feature prominently in development proposals . Not that it isn’t a consideration, but planter boxes and trial wall plantings are trivial when compared with loses to concrete, such as the Esplanade, albeit such loses are done as a trade off with good intent such as the skate board project.
    During the Amendment 49 discussion period, the many, like me who were supportive of the concept, if not the result, raised the issue of ‘all well and good having an extra 1500 in the CBD, no problem with that, but where do their children play, if they live in 8,9,10 storey buildings?’ The implication from those raising these questions was where is the Green Space that corresponds to the extra 1500 people? If Amendment 49 had been a Development Corporation project that would have been integral, now it is only about developers maximising profit, CoF will probably have to find and fund it, a hidden cost that the ratepayers will have not the developers.


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