South West Metropolitan Partnership Forum to address social disadvantage

Yesterday I attended the first yearly update on the South West Metropolitan Partnership Forum which brings together not-for profit social service organisations, all levels of Government, business, community and philanthropy to address social disadvantage in the local government areas of Cockburn, Fremantle and Melville.

It was a quite inspiring morning showing how of innovative and collaberative bottom up initiatives led by the local community  are addressing local social issues.

A key example was Davis Park in Beaconsfield where a resident described how she thought that Davis Park had experienced some major changes over the last 12months. She said at the heart of this was having the upgraded playground at the centre of Davis Park rebuilt. This has been transformative for that community as children now have somewhere to go and something to do now the park is more family friendly. This in combination with the new local policing strategy (where local communities get to know local officers personally) was starting to bear fruit.

In the view of residents still more work needs to be done including working directly with the teenagers in the area. One suggestion was a youth centre for young people in the area.

A special thanks to City of Fremantle  community services representative Helen (who is about to enjoy semi-retirement) for driving this innovative process and kicking off some good community outcomes.

davis park playground

davis park playground

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