The Perfect High Street according to Monocle

Monocle is the urban bible for great neighbourhoods and cities. They have put together a short movie that explains that while high streets around the world are increasingly under threat from big box shopping centres and online retailers, there are a few simple fixes that we all should heed to keep our high streets alive. I can see a lot of Freo in this.

Click on t his link:


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2 Responses to The Perfect High Street according to Monocle

  1. freoview says:

    This is basic retail common sense so why are we not doing it in Fremantle? More care for shop fronts and window displays, a few more seats around the city, and cheaper rents would make a huge difference to the shopping experience here. This is the stuff BID should be working on more with seminars for retailers and on-line education because many retailers lack the creativity to create what we see in the video.

    Roel Loopers

  2. freoishome says:

    These snippets look very attractive, great for a lazy day and tourists, if you can spend your day lazing around cafes. These small Edwardian size entrepreneurial businesses, have there place, these days as ‘start ups’. Will this serve a local permanent population, will it serve a purpose for the occupants of Fremantle’s residential suburbs? Which stakeholders is this really targeting?

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