All Welcome at Perth Freight Link Forum (plus Prof Newman Video)

It is expected to be a full house for the Rethink the Link forum on the Perth Freight Link at the Town Hall this evening at 6pm. To make sure everyone gets to see and hear what is debated there will be large screens and speakers outside for those who can’t squeeze inside. So please turn up.

This major  infrastructure investment project has the potential to have a huge impact on residents and Freo as a whole (and that is is without other impacts such as Hamilton Hill and Bibra Lake).

For those of you that missed Prof Newman’s explanation of this issue here is a video of his presentation. It is useful background for tonight.





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5 Responses to All Welcome at Perth Freight Link Forum (plus Prof Newman Video)

  1. Hi Brad,
    I would love to have attended tonight, unfortunately, I am out of town but really look forward to the reports of how it goes. I am a North Freo resident and I am becoming increasingly anxious as to the impact on my area (think close to Tydeman/Stirling highway residents). I keep hearing that there are three tentative plans, all involving a six lane free way but when it comes to the crunch point, (reaching Stirling Bridge) there is no known plan! How can that be? How do you squeeze six lanes down to two and then jam them all round Tydeman and into the port? Any info on suspected impact on North Freo as well as general impact would be greatly appreciated.
    I hope tonight goes well.
    Danielle Barker Mead

  2. Emma says:

    I’m so happy there will be screens and speakers. The Fremantle Town Hall filled up before I managed to book a spot, and I am very glad I will still get to see and hear what is happening this evening. Also I think it’s great that interested people who turn up tonight who weren’t aware about needing to RSVP, will still be able to be part of the overall audience as well.

  3. gemmahohnen says:

    Hi Brad
    The forum was terrific and glad now not only I have a clearer picture of what has been pitched but also a greater sense of how it has come to be. Your slideshow was particularly useful in the visualisations, and I wonder if they might be made available on the rethink website? Many people I speak to don’t really understand the level of infrastructure proposed, and images communicate this aspect perfectly.

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