Start Some Good – One Planet Freomatch funding program

The City of Fremantle has entered into an innovative partnership with social good crowdfunding organisation to encourage Fremantle sustainability champions and advocates to be active decision makers in key projects.

The One Planet FreoMatch funding program allows the Fremantle community to have a direct influence on the types of sustainability projects, programs and events the City supports, ensuring measurable and meaningful sustainability outcomes for Fremantle.

As part of this program, successful applicants will be invited to briefly pitch their project to the community and convince them of its sustainability value.

In a community-driven approach, the public will vote for projects they feel will most benefit the wider Fremantle community environmentally, socially and economically and align with the City’s One Planet Fremantle Strategy key principles. The most highly valued projects will be further considered by a panel of community and sustainability experts, who will select the final applicants to go through to the development and launch of their crowdfunding campaigns with the support of

The model, based on a ‘tipping point’ approach is designed to encourage participants to seek community support and involvement in their projects through crowdfunding. When the projects reach 50% of their total target, the City of Fremantle will invest the remaining 50% to reach the funding goal.

I love how the City’s new approach to funding creative sustainability projects reflects Council’s commitment to developing shared values and shared outcomes in this space.

We are part of this community and have observed first-hand how passionate our residents are around sustainability issues. We acknowledge that in order to truly achieve sustainability outcomes, we need to provide self-directed opportunities for the community to be involved and engaged at a local level.

This innovative funding model gives the people most affected by the outcome of these projects an opportunity to share in their success. To my mind, that’s exactly what sustainability should look like

The One Planet FreoMatch funding program will launch on the 24 July, with applicants notified of their eligibility on 14 August and an invitation to the One Planet Pitch event to be held on 20 August 2015.

Visit the FreoMatch webpage to pitch your project:


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