Get involved in PARK(ing) Day 2015

For the past three years, to celebrate International Car Free Day, the City of Freo has participated in a worldwide event – PARK(ing) Day – which turns car parking spaces into beautiful, functional and usable spaces. Through this annual event we aim to demonstrate how with a  little creative thinking, our cities can be transformed from car-centric spaces, to people-centric spaces for catching-up, collaborating and communicating.

We are growing this steadily each year. Please find attached some information on PARK(ing) Day for 2015 which is on September the 18th. We have 20+ sites we can allocate to interesting, creative parking bay sized ideas. We’re encouraging our local businesses and cafes to get involved this year by expanding their ‘forecourt’ and creating an interesting display or ‘chill out’ space!

We’d love your support to make this this best PARK(ing) Day ever!

More information on the EcoScape website below.


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2 Responses to Get involved in PARK(ing) Day 2015

  1. johnwv says:

    This day unfortunately seems so out of context with the community consultation process in Northbank. I only hope Adam, Dwight and Phillip from Infrastructure Services can promote this day in light of their revelation that Burns St between Doepel St and Swan St North Fremantle may be turned into a one way street to create up to six parking bays,. Surely this could not be happening in City of Fremantle !

  2. John
    I am told decisions have been made on this yet and the one way option is only an idea to come out of the consultation process and if this was to proceed it would go back out to consultation before coming to council.
    cheers, Brad

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