Vote for the incredible sustainability projects you would like to see funded in Freo

Join us for the One Planet FreoMatch Pitch Day, where you will get to vote for the incredible sustainability projects you would like to see funded in our City!

It’s a free event, you’ll be helping to grow your sustainability community and there even be some delicious food and fabulous networking time.

How it works

One Planet Freo Match is a bit different to other funding programs you might be familiar with (a bit ‘Freo’ you might say). It’s a three-step process that works like this:

1.The applicants will deliver an elevator pitch on Pitching Day to our community voters and expert panel on 20 August.

  1. Pitching Day will bring everyone together to listen, deliberate and decide which projects to fund. We have $50k to spend and community voters will be asked to vote for the projects they think will deliver the best sustainability and community outcomes in Fremantle. Our expert panel will also review the proposals to ensure that they meet other criteria such as being financially viable.
  2. The successful projects (which will be announced at the Pitching Day) will then commence a month long crowdfunding campaign, supported by Start Some Good to raise half of their required budget. Once this ‘tipping point’ has been achieved, One Planet Freo Match funding will top up the rest and enable projects to begin

Bring your tablet or device to vote online! Register via the link below.


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