Talk this Tuesday: Liveable Cities, what Europe can teach Fremantle and rest of WA.


I am quite excited about the talk I am giving on behalf of the Fremantle Society and the Fremantle Network this Tuesday evening.

I have had a month or so to reflect on the study tour I did in June with the WA Local Government Planning Association and think about what might this mean for making Fremantle and WA more liveable.

One are I am particularly excited by is the Northern European innovations in affordable housing. In Australia these have been called terminating housing cooperatives but in Germany they call this model Bangruppen which translates as ‘building group”– a form of cooperative housing that has substantially reduced the cost of housing ownership. It is estimate that this housing can be 15-30% less to purchase than a developer constructed equivalent. In Germany around 20% of all new medium density developments are housing development co-operatives. I will talk a bit about this but for a more in-depth summary of this listen to Freo professor and former Victorian Government Architect Geoffrey London explain it:

I will also show the ways Europe is a long way ahead of Australia in terms of building more sustainable, liveable and affordable cities and what Fremantle and WA could learn from this.

I hope to see you down at Rosie O’Grady’s from 5.30pm on Tuesday the 18th of August.


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