Kwinana’s new report demonstrates an emerging consensus on freight link alternatives.

Yesterday the Kwinana City Council put out a major new report: a 50 year vision in support of fast tracking the Outer Harbour.

To quote from the report:

The Indian Ocean Gateway represents the optimal, long-term solution to the infrastructure, transport, economic and environmental future of the State’s premier industrial area, and at its core is the pressing need for investment in the Outer Harbour.

It seems there is an emerging consensus that the more than $2 billion required for the Perth freight link should instead be focused on providing the road and rail links to the Harbour and building the Harbour itself.

Last week the Property Council argued for this. This week it was also interesting to see in the news Liberal government minister Tony Simpson call for funding for the extension and upgrading of Tonkin Hwy as a priority. This week Liberal upper house member Simon O’Brien also broke ranks with his party to call for a prioritization of the outer harbour.

While I don’t agree with all of it there are some good ideas in Kwinana’s strategy. Personally I, like the Kwinana Industries Council, would have tighter timelines on delivery with resources focused on the outer harbour now.

As Kwinana’s report says:

There is agreement across all political spectrums, within all associated industries and at all levels of government – the Outer Harbour is key to the future sustainability and overall success of Western Australia’s port trade. The key question has always been not ‘if’, but ‘when’. The answer to the question of ‘when’ is immediately.

Here is the report:

Here is some media reporting on it:

indian ocean gateway

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2 Responses to Kwinana’s new report demonstrates an emerging consensus on freight link alternatives.

  1. Emma says:

    Was just looking on a map at Thomas Rd as a possible future east west connection between Kwinana Freeway and the developed outer harbour, love to know your thoughts on that.

    • Emma
      Good question. I think Kwinana’s approach potentially offers a way of avoiding Roe 8. While Kwinana have tentatively put Roe 8 in as a dotted line given its huge price tag it would make more sense to spend that money on Tonkin and Rowley Road upgrades instead.
      cheers, Brad

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