New Defence Housing Association development on Queen Victoria Street in Fremantle’s East End

The Freo Herald just posted this snappy picture the new Defence Housing Association development proposed for 166 apartments on Queen Victoria Street in Fremantle’s East End. The development is on the 4754 sqm former Toyota site and will also include 1325 sqm of commercial space.

Another good part about this Defence Housing Association development is that it is pre-financed so will happen quicker than most. Opposite the Heirloom Wolstores development and will help complete that street nicely.

It will apparently “feature three separate buildings; one of seven-storeys facing Queen Victoria Street and two four-storey buildings facing Quarry Street.” Defence representatives will be in Kings Square on Friday September 4 between 3-6pm to show the plans.

defense housing

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5 Responses to New Defence Housing Association development on Queen Victoria Street in Fremantle’s East End

  1. Robert says:

    A semi trailer will never be a a Ferrari even if it has twin horns and a paint job
    . ‘Snappy’ it is not !
    Very Freo It is not!
    and it pays no respect to the small precious, Historic enclave on the Southern side of Quary. St . It is getting smothered with big blocks of future Johnston Courts.
    Please spare us. This is Crap!

  2. Paula Amaral says:

    Hi Brad
    I thought the number of floors on Queen Victoria St side was 5, plus 6 if set back. Why is DHA advertising 7 floors with no set back, and does the underground car park count as 7?
    I actually don’t dislike the look of the computer generated image on their brochure, as far as boxes go it is not an unpleasant one, but it is rather annoying to see builders using the same type vertical brown slats on their facades everywhere. It looks like the Meyer building computer generated picture. 11 Queen Victoria St also has some on their facade.
    I hope we are not going to see this repeated everywhere just because it is a fad right now.

    • Paula
      I would have to check but you are correct to say most of QV Street is 5 floors with a 6th set back. There may have been an extra allowance for part of their site. it is interesting to see the fashions in buildings. At least this one is done better than many.
      cheers, BRad

  3. So will these be fully occupied by the department of defence people?
    166 apartments here, 150 across the road, and another 150 or so at the Richmond quarter.
    Freo is going to be pumping if there are actually humans in all of them.

    It would be cool if there were some more good jobs in Freo, you could be at the beach by 5:10 on weeknights.

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