New five year economic development strategy passed through council

This may not be the sexiest post of the year but I was pretty chuffed that at our council meeting this week we adopted a new five year economic development strategy (the Fremantle Economic Development Strategy 2015-20). It builds on the positive momentum gained from our award-winning 2010-15 strategy.

A number of objectives are outlined in the strategy including that by 2020 Fremantle will be recognised as a ‘Primary Centre’ under the State Government Directions 2031 planning framework. There is also a strong emphasis on attracting more people and investment into Fremantle by ensuring Fremantle remains unique in its offerings and that investors are kept informed of opportunities.

Fremantle’s $1.3b development pipeline is great for the city but it does raise some challenges and needs to be managed effectively to maximize benefits in a sustainable way – this is what the new strategy hopes to achieve.

Whereas the previous strategy was mostly about addressing Fremantle’s economic decline at a macro level and finding ways to reverse this trend, the new strategy, while still factoring in key macro issues is geared more towards providing support for the local economy and dealing with local issues at a time of great change.

With this in mind, creativity, innovation and knowledge-generation are definitely a focus of the new strategy and we aim to help local businesses and industries foster these attributes to develop a smarter and more resilient local economy.

We are showing our commitment to this aim by making its assets available for creative industry businesses, including the Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill and the Old Boys’ School in Princess May Park.

As a whole, the vision outlined in the new strategy is for a robust and continually-evolving local economy with flourishing businesses, high-quality property developments and a satisfying visitor experience.

Download the City of Fremantle Economic Development Strategy 2015-20

Here is the ABC’s coverage of it:


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One Response to New five year economic development strategy passed through council

  1. Emma Anda says:

    That ABC article was great to read, thanks for that, and thanks for the info about the Development Strategy.

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