Transport and affordability top Perth’s future concerns

This week the Committee for Perth held an event on Perth and Peel at 3.5 million by WAPC Chair Eric Lumsden who ended his talk with a strong statement that business as usual around density and transport planning wasn’t possible if Perth was to remain a liveable city into the future. (He also kindly acknowledged Fremantle’s huge potential and the proactive approach to Fremantle Council was taking to revitalising Freo).

It also presented the results of a broad resident survey by Ipsos which had some very interesting results. Most Perth people while loving their city thought that we continue to be let down by our public transport system, with only 17% of respondents believing that an efficient public transport system reflects life in Perth today; and we have gone backwards in terms of being seen as an environmentally friendly city, dropping from a perception of 28% in 2012 to 24% in 2015. Residents also see life in Perth as too expensive, with just 7% of respondents rating Perth affordable; and only 17% of respondents rating Perth’s economy as diverse today.

As for the future, residents see Perth continuing to be about our natural assets and outdoor lifestyle; however, there is less focus on low density living compared to 2012. There is also an increased appetite for Perth to further embrace change and become more dynamic and vibrant, multicultural and artistic, and less focused on the resources sector. This change is to be balanced with a continued focus on the essentials like health, education, housing, safety and public transport.

If we focus on the gap between the importance of certain features for Perth in the future and how the city is currently perceived (see below) a number of areas emerge as critical and requiring attention.  Having an efficient public transport system was identified as important by 89% of respondents; affordability was identified as important by 81% of respondents; and being environmentally friendly and providing good aged care were both identified by 78% of respondents as important for the future. Diversifying the economy was also identified as important for Perth’s future by 74% of respondents.

Below are some snapshots from the presentation but to hear the whole thing go to

Committee for Perth

Committee for Perth 3 Committee for Perth 2 Committee for Perth 1

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