Join Tim Flannery and me for a chat on Monday at the Fremantle Town Hall

Ten years after his internationally bestselling The Weather Makers, acclaimed scientist and author Tim Flannery argues that Earth’s climate system is approaching a crisis.  In the lead up to the United Nations Climate Change Summit to be held in Paris in December, Atmosphere of Hope provides both a snapshot of the trouble we are in and an up to the minute analysis of some of the new possibilities for mitigating climate change that are emerging now.

Monday 21 September 2015
6.30pm for 7pm start
Fremantle Town Hall

Presented by Dymocks Garden City in association with Fremantle City Library
$15 per person
In conversation with Brad Pettitt followed by Q&A from the audience, book sales and book signing. Light refreshments served

Bookings essential

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19 Responses to Join Tim Flannery and me for a chat on Monday at the Fremantle Town Hall

  1. Diana Ryan says:

    Yet more air flight for Tim Flannery, Brad? You’d think he’d lead by example and arrange for linkups to occur instead.

    Wasn’t he here just recently and didn’t you already have your chat then?

    You’d do more good being “innovative” and install a video conference room at CoF, setting a higher “plain” example in cutting back on flights, be a fibre-optic beacon of sustainability and make great money in bookings for it! Around $100,000. Think about it.

  2. susan says:

    I read the word Hope…i may go…..

    • Diana Ryan says:

      Susan, you may see the word “hope” but pls don’t take out of context of “the other cost” behind Flannery. He flies a lot, for a start. It isn’t necessary. It sets a poor example and “offsetting” his flights is a poor substitute to simply finding other ways to get your message out there than being the one millionth academic from Australia to take a flight so far this year.

      • Diana
        while I agree that unnecessary air travel needs to be avoided I am not sure why you think that off setting is poor substitute if done with a reputable scheme?

      • Lionel says:

        Carbon offsetting is just passing the buck wrapped up as new-age feelgoodery. It doesn’t reduce emissions. It is widely considered, even by many environmentalists, to be a controversial system. Surprised you aren’t aware of this Brad.

      • Lionel
        I am aware I just don’t agree with this analysis. Carbon is not an intrinsically bad thing just too much of it in our atmosphere is. So if you can offset with a reputable scheme so there is no increase in the atmosphere then I struggle to see the harm in terms of CO2 emissions at least.
        cheers, Brad

      • Lionel says:

        Offsetting it doesn’t mean they take the carbon you produced out of the atmosphere. Which scheme does this?

      • It does mean that the equivalent amount is taken out of the atmosphere though so there is no overall increase. Same overall impact as person not flying on the Earth’s climate don’t you think?

      • Lionel says:

        Except that isn’t what really happens. The money is put into things such as tree planting, renewable energy, etc. The carbon is still released to the atmosphere and it is most certainly not removed when you pay your carbon credit bill.

      • But do you agree it is removed over the years that follow?

      • Lionel says:

        No, I agree that that is the theory behind it. In practice this doesn’t necessarily happen (for a vast array of reasons). It sounds like you do agree with me though, which contradicts your previous statement that ‘there is no [carbon] increase in the atmosphere ‘

      • I think we agree and the debate is really on timescales. I stand by my previous statement that ‘there is no [carbon] increase in the atmosphere ‘ over the relevant timescale that offsets work on. cheers

  3. Diana Ryan says:

    No, oh no, Brad!

    I can’t believe you said that – “offsetting is the equivalent amount taken out of the atmosphere [some place else] so there is no overall increase… same overall impact as person not flying on the Earth’s climate….”

    A blind believer in good intentions versus cutting out unnecessary resource use and consequences (hope you didn’t have shares in Volkswagon).

    I clearly remember reading your carbon neutral certification several years ago, and the acquitter lodged caveats all over the place. You just can’t be sure, so why take unnecessary flights in the first place? I mean, did it really need s many of you to go on that recent 14 cities in 13 days tour? Come on, Brad – so many from one small city?

    Ah, Bradley, Bradley, Brad.

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