The evolution of a White Gum Valley sump

What was just another weed infested, fenced off hole in the ground in White Gum Valley is steadily being transformed into a new public green space through a clever sump redesign as part of the Kim Beazley redevelopment.

The photo with the stackable, porous, plastic mesh was taken this morning. It will soon be filled in over with soil and landscaping making new parkland.

This is another first for Fremantle and another great example of the partnership between Landcorp and the City of Freo (with some solid advice from Josh Byrne and Associates) on this former school site.

sump sump drainage sump kim beazley

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4 Responses to The evolution of a White Gum Valley sump

  1. Emma says:

    Much better use of a sump area, and so ingenious that it will still perform the function that a sump is required to do. Very clever idea, I am looking forward to seeing it when it is all finished.

    Can you foresee this technique being used to convert other sumps around Freo? There is one at my children’s school, WGV Primary School, at the corner of Hope and Wood Streets. Would be so great if it could become another play space for the school kids, instead of just a barbed wire fenced off no-go area.

  2. Koral Ward says:

    The Sump is coming on! Its doing to look great! All of us at SHAC are excited ! (That’s going to be us in the yellow building in the architects projection). And hopefully it will be a nice link between SHAC and the community…

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