The Fremantle Workers’ Social and Leisure Club building get a new life on Henry Street.

Last night the planning committee voted to support the redevelopment of the former Fremantle Workers’ Social and Leisure Club building at 7 Henry St.

There has been a bit of misinformation around on this one so thought it worth clarifying the approval here.

The development was supported but without any extra height granted.

The planning committee was very supportive of the plan to keep the facade of the Fremantle Workers’ Social and Leisure Club building. As our heritage officer wrote:

  • The Fremantle Workers’ Social and Leisure Club building is an example of a place about which opinions have changed over time. Although the building is not included on the City of Fremantle’s Municipal Heritage Inventory, it is considered to be of heritage significance for its historic, social and aesthetic values, particularly those that embody its associations with the West End’s long history as a working class social hub.
  • The decision to construct the new building in the International Style is significant as, in many ways, it epitomises the progressive attitudes of the post War Two era. Both the exterior (primarily the front façade) and interior of the building were in this modern style.
  • The front part of the building effectively embodies the social, historical and some aesthetic values of the place. The proposed retention and conservation of the exterior face of this part of the building (including brick element returning down the service lane) is strongly supported.

This is not a conventional development but I like the design by Matthew and Scavelli Architects. Here are some images.

henry street looking south henry street

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4 Responses to The Fremantle Workers’ Social and Leisure Club building get a new life on Henry Street.

  1. Jayne says:

    Brad, congratulations for approving the ugliest development in the west end. You must be very proud.

  2. Ricky says:

    The building looks great, finally this end of Fremantle is being rejuvenated with modern residential accommodation. Fantastic that the architect/developer have retained the old facade, paying respect to the past whilst planning for future generations.

    Where is this additional height/level…can’t see in any of the images?

    Keep up the good work Brad!

  3. Paula Amaral says:

    Congratulations to the architects who have designed the building. So simple and well integrated.
    I didn’t expect the old facade of the Workers club to look so good.
    Well done!!!

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