Bathers Beach markets – some facts

Disappointing to read the Fremantle Herald get the story on the Sunset Markets so wrong. Especially after I had explained in detail to journalist Steven Pollock that an agreement for six food stalls had been reached and that ALL parties were happy with this approach. Instead the Herald chose to run an inaccurate and divisive line on page 3 and exacerbated the misinformation by putting the agreed approach at the end of the story and way back in the paper on page 12.

So for clarity the City of Fremantle has had to put out the following statement:

Bathers Beach markets  – some facts

The City wants to clarify some elements of an article published in this week’s (10 October) edition of the Fremantle Herald regarding Bathers Beach markets.

The page three article (continued on page 12)  ‘New Sunday markets for Bathers Beach’ may be misleading for some people because it implies a new regular Sunday market will be held at Bathers Beach. This is not the case.

The article’s opening statement that ‘Sunset Events have won permission to operate a Sunday food market at Bathers beach….’ is incorrect.

Firstly, permission has yet to be granted by council . Secondly the proposal is not for markets at Bathers Beach (it’s actually not for markets at all). The proposal is to allow a maximum of six food stalls to operate in a licenced area at J Shed (Arthur Head). The food stalls would only allowed to operate when supporting a scheduled event.

Subject to relevant approvals, the much-loved Bathers Beach Sunset Markets will be moving to South Beach this Summer as they’ve outgrown Bathers Beach and have caused issues with crowd management and traffic congestion. South Beach is considered a great alternative location which will cater to the large crowds while still providing a spectacular Fremantle coastal setting. All parties, including the operators of the existing Bathers Beach Sunset Markets (soon to become South Beach Sunset markets) are supportive of this move.

Council will consider allowing the food stalls as part of the J-Shed lease agreement at a council meeting next week (14/10).


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5 Responses to Bathers Beach markets – some facts

  1. Mary says:

    Your Press Release states – ” Bathers Beach Sunset Markets will be moving to South Beach this Summer as they’ve outgrown Bathers Beach and have caused issues with crowd management and traffic congestion”.

    So once Sunset Events have a liquor license for Arthur Head and they are running events for a thousand people or more, with bars, food stalls, fencing and movable toilets – where do you propose to move them to?

    • Mary
      As I said to Jayne; the summer markets had 2000-5000 people a night so were substantially bigger than what is being planned at J Shed. I still actually think these could have been made to work but South Beach is a good way for them to keep growing. J shed is capped mostly at around 400 people so can’t grow organically the way the markets did

  2. freoview says:

    I too was surprised about today’s article in the Herald as it was explained at the Planning Committee on Wednesday that there would only be six stalls for the so-called Sunday barbeque sessions, if the proposal is approved and if the project proceeds.

    Having supervised a few markets myself I can attest that six stalls don’t constitute a market as it would not be viable for any operator.

    Roel Loopers

  3. Jayne says:

    Hi Brad, can you please clarify this as I’m sure I’m not the only one confused? The markets were moved you say because of traffic congestion and crowd management at Bathers Beach and the west end. Yet you approve Sunset Events holding concerts for 1000-1500 people who will also be crowding and parking at Bathers Beach and the west end. By the way, I’m not being negative, as per your email to me, I genuinely cannot see how Sunset Events proposal won’t cause the same if not bigger problems.

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