Bathers Beach Cleanup

You might have noticed that Bathers Beach is looking especially clean this week. That is thanks to 20 students from the Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore who came to Perth as part of the UWA Centre for English Language Teaching and International Study Tours. They were here for 14 days and were involved in a busy program which included persuasive writing workshops, two days at Rottnest with Dr Anne Brearley, a visit to a Future Farm Field day at Brookton with creative scientist Gary Cass, and visits to three Medical research centres, as well as the Oceancare  beach clean-up at Bathers Beach.

You may be interested in some of the statistics from the beach clean. They used the Beach Cleanup Data Collection Sheets provided by the Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society based in Margaret River which is part of an Australia Wide organisation cleaning up and monitoring our beaches.

During the 90 minute sweep along the beach the students filled 4 bags weighing around 35 kilograms. Here are some of the common items found:

474      cigarette butts

3          cigarette lighters

42        plastic straws

38        plastic container tops

242      pieces of plastic food packaging

18        plastic bottles

16        glass bottles

74        aluminium cans

106      metal bottle tops, lids and pull tabs

144      pieces of paper

29        rope and net scraps


Mike Lefroy who helped arrange this also told me that they found lumps of coal washed up from a shipwrecked vessel from around 100 years ago. Extraordinary!

A big thanks to the students for their efforts.

rubbish clean up singapore

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