A big thankyou to some of Freo’s current councillors

Tonight was the last night of the current council before the elections. I paid tribute to my colleagues with this little speech:


Tonight is the last Council meeting before the elections and I want to acknowledge those Council members whose terms come to an end on Saturday, starting with the five elected members who face elections on Saturday. It is widely acknowledged that the Council of the past few years has been one of the most collaborative in recent times. While we don’t always agree on everything your collegiate approach has made working through many of the difficult issues a far better process. The major changes and projects achieved in recent years is testament to each of your commitment to Fremantle and willingness to work together.

Rob Fittock, despite your unfortunate passion for all things yellow and blue you also have a far more worthwhile passion for Fremantle – especially that part of Fremantle we ALL now call the “jewel in the crown” – North Fremantle. You’ve also managed to take the idea of a tunnel from an impossible joke to one that is increasingly at the centre of the government’s agenda. Extraordinary!

I have had the pleasure of serving with Jon Strachan twice now including way back when we were both young in 2005. Neither of us had grey hair then. Jon has done a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes for the Fremantle Council on WALGA and State Council and in the rather thankless DAP meetings. Your experience, impeccable commitment to good process, and hard work have been greatly appreciated.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Rachel Pemberton’s energy, ideas, and enthusiasm for creating more vibrant and liveable cities often precedes her. Rachel your unique combination of having a strategic brain, a strong knowledge of the key issues,  and a deep understanding of what is happening at multiple levels of government has been a huge asset to this Council. Thankyou.

Dave Hume, not only has Dave been a valued team player but he has also been a staunch advocate for those of us that live east of Hampton Road and has made sure that this part of Fremantle gets its fair share of projects and love. His passion for and understanding of the needs of the many local sporting clubs and other key community groups has been an important part of the diversity of the debate and the decision making of this council. And that is without mentioning his collection of fine automobiles that have transported at least one Governor through Freo.

Ingrid Waltham is my local Councillor in East Ward. She has been greatly appreciated for her integrity, thoughtfulness and all round competence. Ingrid, it has been great to see you grow so quickly into the role and the confidence you have found over recent years. Your calm and considered analysis has greatly strengthened the quality of debate both inside and outside this chamber.

Finally, I want to acknowledge Cr Bill Massie who will be retiring as he is the only Council member up that is not contesting this election. Bill is one of the longest serving Councillors on this council serving 2 full terms since 2007. While Bill and I haven’t agreed on everything – on the big issues like getting investment and economic development back into Fremantle he has been an ally. But Bill’s role on the Fremantle Council extended well outside his votes in this Chamber. Bill has epitomized public service – helping people in his community at every opportunity. An enduring memory of Bill for me will be him driving busloads of young and primarily aboriginal kids from the indoor basketball courts where Nighthoops was run to their homes across greater Fremantle. Bill was – literally – always willing to go the extra mile for a good cause. (Will gave Bill a mock street sign called Massie Mews!)

Thanks to all of you for your efforts and dedication to Fremantle and your service to this Council. It is deeply appreciated.

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3 Responses to A big thankyou to some of Freo’s current councillors

  1. Benjamin says:

    Good luck Ingrid and no one else! You’ve been a fantastic councillor.

  2. Brian Smith says:

    Brad I was pleased to be in the room last night to hear your comments which I fully second. “Public Service ” is a tradition of our society that is becoming much more difficult in today’s world were “everyone
    knows better ” and has a blog to prove it. So my thanks to all who have served our community and to those who have put their hands up in this election. I know I won’t agree with you all the time but I hope I an do so in a manner that respects your service

  3. johnwv says:

    Thanks to all current councillors for the work you do.

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