The Freo election wash-up

A huge congratulations to those elected to Fremantle Council last night! Great to have Crs Strachan, Waltham, Pemberton and Hume re-elected. It is a tribute to each of your hard work and leadership on the Council. A warm welcome to Jeff McDonald (replacing the retiring Cr Massie) and Bryn Jones. I was impressed by both your campaigns and I’m looking forward to working with you both.

It looks to me like it will be a good council group once again with a diversity of skills and viewpoints but with an ability to work together to get things done

Elections results like this (as a whole) also give me a huge amount faith in the electors of Fremantle. It was good to see a large number of candidates put their hands up to represent the Freo community. Thanks for your efforts. Unfortunately like in many election campaigns some extreme, negative and nasty stuff was thrown around by a small minority of candidates and their supporters but pleasingly none of these candidates came even close to being elected. The Fremantle voters are a smart bunch and were largely able to see through this rhetoric for what it was.

That said, after each election it is a good time to take stock and work on how we can perform better as a council including our priorities, how we can consult, and how we could communicate better. While most of the council is trying their best I am happy to accept there is still room for improvement. I’d love to hear your ideas on this.

Below are the results from the election.

Cheers, Brad

election 2015 1 election 2015 2

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9 Responses to The Freo election wash-up

  1. Benjamin says:

    As I said in your thank you thread, I hope your fellow councillors take note of the result in north Fremantle. Robert Fittock was the only sitting member to not retain his seat and got rightly walloped. You may take the retention of sitting candidates as a sign that your policies are welcome there but you cannot with a straight face claim that the current policies in North Fremantle are welcome here. Bryn Jones was very clear about his opinion on the matter and frankly he now has a mandate that demands his fellow councillor’s support. To do anything other than that would be a slap in the face of the voters of North Fremantle.
    I do not follow the policies of Beaconsfield but in the absence of preferential voting, you must consider the majority voting against David Hume as a vote of less confidence at the very least.
    As a final word, don’t underestimate the profile of a sitting member in council election. It is a mandate for your policies that a few of you got a majority of the vote. No one can argue against that. But you all control the message and everyone costing against you is at a disadvantage. They don’t have access to council money to promote (and some would say mislead) their achievements. So enjoy your wins and congratulations but don’t take it as a justification to say everything you are doing is “on the right track”. Be humble and accept that some of the things you are doing are wrong. You know it’s true.

  2. Brad, another view could be that you have not identified any “nasty” horrible things but simply made completely subjective comments of no substance. Is it your role to be making subjective unsubstantiated remarks as a public servant? And one paid by the very people you make your unsubstantiated remarks about? And who have had the courage to put their hands up? Perhaps it is important that as electors we are allowed to make up our own minds as to the value of what people say, and whether it informs us or offends us. Isn’t that real democracy rather than your high minded personal commentary? As Mayor, it may be better to let people speak for themselves rather than a patronising personal paraphrase of your own interpretation. We don’t pay you for that. Let’s hope the new blood also provides some diversity and not more of the same.

    • Chris
      Well I wasn’t going to repeat those comments here but the comments section of the some other Freo blogs will give you a flavour (and plenty of substantiation).

      I agree it is important electors make their own mind and many of them did on the weekend I am pleased to say.

      My take on that is for free and to kick off discussion and debate. Good to have you as part of that.

      cheers, Brad

  3. freoishome says:

    Ideas for the future.

    Ignore the silent majority! The mythical idea that you know what the whole of the CoF wants.

    This election has been won and lost on that principle. So let that principle be your guide for the issues that become public debate. In other words give the greatest credence to the interested, to the active, to those who bother to make submissions, who bother to attend committee.

    More than that, in Council deliberations demonstrate active listening. So ask questions of the public when they make comments. But, make sure their comments are also discussed by elected members. As Mayor, insist on it, ask your Councillors for their public thoughts about the most relevant points raised by the majority.

    If your summing up doesn’t reflect the majority of public comment, expect further loss of Trust!

    • Paul
      While I strongly believe council members will need to continue to take into consideration more than just what is said in written submissions or in the council chamber, I do think your “active listening” suggestion is a good one. thanks.
      cheers, Brad

      • freoishome says:

        I am concerned about this catch all angle that is implied in your reply Brad, ie, “take into consideration more than just what is said in written submissions or in the Council chamber”. History tells us that you and other use this notion, to evade the content of public contributions, hence the mythical ‘silent majority’ expression and others. Religious people use the same approach to make ‘Faith’ unquestionable.

        If ratepayers and residents are the stakeholders with the highest importance, then those who are active who go to the effort, that the vast majority do not, to make submissions and attend meetings, there is an expectation that they should be treated with importance.

        If the developer and staff cannot make convincing submissions, that are convincing to the active community, it is not the role of Council to do it for them. But all too often we see exactly that.

        Rather the Council do have a role to stand up for the active community. We seldom witness that, in matters involving developers, staff and community! There is nobody else to undertake that role! The community is all too often deserted by its representatives.

  4. Paul says:

    …well done Brad for showing open mindedness, fairness and constraint when faced with the certain elements of negativity thrown against this council. These anti everything groups and their sheep like followers have been exposed undert the glare of public scrutiny and have been overwhelmingly rejected. I look forward to the Fremantle Council continuing on its current path of revitalising and expanding opportunities for the greater Fremantle community.

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