Debut of Fremantle’s mobile parklet

Today is the debut of Fremantle’s mobile parklet (currently located in Kings Square). We’re using it for the Fremantle Festival but it will be moved around Freo for use as extended trading areas for businesses. It is built on a normal trailer and can be moved around easily, and trialled by businesses (for 3-4 weeks) that are considering introducing a parklet.

Well done to Luis Puig (pictured with Jenny from the BID) for conceiving, developing and delivering this innovative idea.

IMG_1342 IMG_1343 Parklet

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5 Responses to Debut of Fremantle’s mobile parklet

  1. Dan says:

    Hey that looks great – well done !!!

  2. Jo Harris says:

    Yeah for innovative councils! Now can you come to City of Armadale and help me get my community garden? Perhaps we can have a mobile one!

  3. Luis Puig says:

    Credit to San Francisco’s parklet movement, John Bela from Gehl Studio & FORM who all were the inspiration and motivation behind this project. Also credit to We Are Tiny who designed and built this Tiny Park (look them up on Facebook)

  4. greg says:

    This is a joke surely. Surely this is a joke. Whose backyard is this trailer failure sitting in now?

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