Freo’s plastic bag ban goes (Radio) National

This will likely be my last plastic bag ban post for a while

This morning ABC Radio National ran a great little story on the plastic bag ban in Freo and others across Australia. It kind of made WA look rather backward to say the least. But then again that is the reality on this issue.

Before signing off I wanted to thank everyone from the wonderful community volunteers who kicked this off, to City of Freo staff who brought the legislation into reality and the wonderfully supportive politicians like Freo MLA Simone McGurk and her ALP colleagues and Greens MLCs Lyn MacLaren and Robin Chapple.

We will win this eventually and one day ask what all the fuss was about. Until then enjoy a more sophisticated national perspective:

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2 Responses to Freo’s plastic bag ban goes (Radio) National

  1. jetsomusings says:

    Such a shame that this much needed Fremantle initiative was blocked, especially given the level of support from the community and retailers and the absence of state government leadership….thanks again for trying Freo and I do thunk we will win this one day!

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