City of Fremantle recognised as global sustainability leader



The City of Fremantle has been officially recognised as an international sustainability leader following its endorsement as the world’s second One Planet City by global sustainability organisation Bioregional.

Announced at the City’s One Planet Fest-a-Con, a three-week festival celebrating local sustainable culture and achievements, the international accreditation acknowledges Fremantle’s progress towards a ‘One Planet’ lifestyle that has been supported by council, local residents and the business community.

The international certification isa significant achievement that measured the City’s sustainability actions and strategies against the ten principles of One Planet Living and Common International Targets used for the One Planet Councils Program.

The One Planet international accreditation is confirmation that our efforts are not only effective at a local level but are recognised as being world best practice.

Freo  is one of only four local governments in the world to be officially certified as a One Planet Council – recognition which is reserved for exemplary regions who are leading the charge on sustainable living.

“The way the City has embedded the One Planet Living framework into its operations and vision demonstrates its desire to help put the world on a path to a sustainable future and is why Fremantle has been a leader in sustainability for many years,” said One Planet Living Communities manager Ben Gill, who announced the endorsement from Bioregional.

The City of Fremantle qualified as a One Planet Council at a national level in 2014, achieving International Leadership status in the lead-up to international accreditation. The City was also named WA’s first carbon neutral council in 2009.

One Planet Living is an initiative of Bioregional and its partners to make truly sustainable living a reality using ecological footprinting and carbon footprinting as its headline indicators.

For more information visit the One Planet Living website.

For more information on One Planet Fremantle visit the City’s website.



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2 Responses to City of Fremantle recognised as global sustainability leader

  1. Andrew says:

    Brad how much has it cost the Ratepayers to gain certification of ‘One Planet’ and how much will it cost to maintain?
    Also I am still waiting from the last general council meeting for a response to my questions regarding the value justification and business case on the $130,000 of Ratepayer money to install the electric car charging station for the ‘One Planet’ tick of approval.
    It will be interesting to marry this up with the usage data from the Mandurah council over the last 12 months ( Also a ratepayer here and privy to info). Could you please remind the officers to get back to me and the other councillors who were questioning in writing ASAP. Thanks

    • Andrew
      I don’t think the certification per se costs anything.
      Obviously, continued Global One Planet City Certification will required continued leadership. This may include up-front costs as we invest in renewable energy and other things but some of these will actually pay themselves back and save ratepayers money in the medium to longer term.
      Freo has already our overall energy bill come down in recent years which is a great achievement for the planet and ratepayers! A win-win which is at the heart of sustainability.
      I will ensure you get your answer by the next council meeting.

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