Freewheeler for Fremantle – Active & Sustainable Commuting

Another great potential crowd-funding option to come out Freo is the Freewheeler for Fremantle app.

Freewheeler for Fremantle are developing an app that uses GPS and sensors in your smartphone to automatically work out your commutes and different modes of transport.

Whenever you travel in a way that is healthy or environmentally friendly, the app will award you points per kilometre/mile.  For example, walking will get the most points, then cycling, then public transport.

This is a mock-up of the app interface, though the design is going to be changed:

We are arranging a network of local Fremantle (and Perth CBD) businesses where you can go to redeem your points for rewards (eg discounts), creating a like-minded community of people.

The system will eventually be rolled out across Perth (and Australia?) and will also be used to encourage physical activity in schools and workplaces, including fun competitions.

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Fremantle has a lot to offer.  Its rich history, food & music culture, quirky characters and open-minded people attract plenty of visitors to the city and make its residents happy to call it home.

Fremantle retailers could still use some help getting more customers in the door.  The Freewheeler pilot aims to bring more visitors to Freo.


Twitter: @FreewheelerApp

Facebook: Freewheeler App


The One Planet matching competition

Freewheeler is one of 4 winners in the innovative City of Fremantle & Startsomegood “One Planet” sustainability competition.  Freewheeler has won a grant of $10,000 from the City of Fremantle to further develop the app and roll out the pilot project.  To get this grant, Freewheeler must first match it by raising another $10,000 from the community, to reach the $20,000 tipping point goal.  If we don’t achieve the goal then we won’t receive any funding. Please get involved and let people know about the campaign.


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