One Planet Film Festival – This weekend

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the One Planet Film Festival. As part of the Freo Festival, enjoy a carefully curated selection of incredible feature films and documentaries which touch on the One Planet themes. From incredible children’s experiences to evocative adult cinema offerings – we guarantee you’ll find movies which inspire and challenge. Head to the he University of Notre Dame Drill Hall, Mouat Street in Fremantle and bring your keep cup!

To book your tickets – go to


**Friday, 30 October**

7pm – Racing to Zero (USA, 2014)

  • Introduction from director starts at 6 PM.
  • Red Carpet Launch + Live Music after the film.


**Saturday, 31st October**

10am – The Lorax (USA, 2012) 

12pm – Seeds of Time  (USA, 2013)

2pm  – Small is Beautiful

  • Short talk / Q&A Amy Moffat after the film.

4pm – Bikes vs Cars (Sweden, 2015)

6pm – The Coolbaroo Club (Australia, 1993)

  • Madjitil Moorna choir after at 7pm.

8:30pm – Just Eat It (Canada, 2014)

  • Q&A with Julie Broad from Food Rescue after the film.


**Sunday, 1st November**

10am – Landfill Harmonic (Usa, Paraguay, Norway, Brasil, 2015)

  • Junkadelic Brass Band Kids Instrument Workshop at 9am.

12pm – Invitation to Ruin (WA, Australia, 2015)

  • Short Q&A with Rob Castegliano (Director) & Ross Bolleter after the film

1:30pm – Cowspiracy (USA, 2014)

3:30pm – Thilafushi Gon Dudhoh (Italy, 2013)
3:45pm – Gringo Trails (USA, 2013)

  • Only one ticket for both films.

6pm – Fractured Country (Australia 2014)
7:05pm – Protecting Country from Fracking (Australia 2015)

  • Only one ticket for both films.
  • All proceeds go to CCWA.
  • Short discussion Piers Verstegen CEO CCWA in between.

8:15pm – Wisdom to Survive (USA, 2013) 


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