Fremantle Festival parade closes a great festival with a bang.

The Fremantle Festival parade was huge this year and a great end to a great festival. A huge thanks to the wonderful City of Fremantle staff – many of whom go beyond the call of duty to bring these events to us – and to everyone from the community who came along and participated.

The winners in this year’s “Future Freo” themed Fremantle Festival Parade were:

Best Future Freo – Rethink the Perth Freight Link (this was also probably the biggest ever entry in the 110 year history of the Fremantle Festival and to celebrate that the judging panel agreed to recommend doubling the prize to $1000);

Best School – Fremantle Primary for their future Freo plan of bringing back the trolley bus/tram;

Looks Good Sounds Good – the  very melodic sounding Penny Lane music school;

Viva La Freo – the wind powered North Fremantle Primary School.

Thanks to Roel Loopers for the first two photos of Fremantle Primary School and North Fremantle Primary School respectively. The less professional last one is the view from the National Hotel by me. 

trolley freo primary north freo primary IMG_1448

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6 Responses to Fremantle Festival parade closes a great festival with a bang.

  1. Stephen Wells says:

    I don’t know how or why but this years Freo Festival was the best by far.

    Congratulations to everyone involved in putting the program together. It was a fantastic experience.

    Thank you!!


    Steve Wells

  2. Lionel says:

    Am I reading this right? On a whim, you gave away an extra $500 (of our rates?) to a protest group for ‘best in show’??? It is just a bunch of people holding placards. The poor kids and parents who put in so much effort must be pretty disappointed.

  3. Emma Anda says:

    What a great parade! And such lovely weather for it, and then we even got some lovely rain later in the day as well.

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