Freewheeler in Freo

Great to see the Freewheeler App get matching crowd funding and up and running in Freo. Here is how 9 News reported it:

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2 Responses to Freewheeler in Freo


    Hi Brad, I’m still enquiring about the placement of extra ACROD BAYS. Why is there no ACROD bay outside the movies and restaurants outside the Millennium theatre. There is one in end of Market st that you want to close off and, one in Nairn. There is a multi-story car park for those who can walk. They don’t need to have a bay outside of the cafe’s that people like myself do.
    I have worked and lived, paid rates for nearly 60 yrs. I’m 80yrs now and have difficulty walking. My son has a business, my daughter and other son live in File and I live in S/Fremantle.
    There is 1 bay outside the Town Hall. It is a miracle if it is empty so that I can have lunch at Culleys or morning tea.
    We also only have 1 bay down at South Beach Cafe… it is not good enough. As well I believe that Esplanade car park, down near the Fish Markets, and railway line, only has one bay.Sighing away. Sincerely, Patricia Giudice.

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