Update on Burt/Vale Street Scheme Amendment

Scheme Amendment No. 57 relating to the Housing Authority-owned site at 19-25 Burt Street, Fremantle was recently approved by the Minister for Planning. The amendment was approved in the form endorsed by the Freo Council on 28 January 2015. The main provisions of this amendment are as follows:

  • An increase in the residential density coding of the site to R160 (previously R60).
  • Maximum building height limits determined by height planes fixed at Australian Height Datum heights rather than height above ground level, due to varied site topography. Broadly allows for 3 storey development on the highest part of the site adjoining East St, 4-5 storeys in the centre section adjoining Vale St, and 5 storeys on the lowest section adjoining Skinner St. Additional controls applying to development close to Skinner St would effectively require the height to step down to 2-3 storeys if new buildings are built up to the minimum street setback.
  • Design requirements relating to access (primarily to be taken from Vale St) and integration of site landscaping with road reserve verge treatments and retention of existing trees.

In association with the scheme amendment, the Housing Authority has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the City of Fremantle which includes:

  • Incorporate a mix of social, other affordable and market housing (45% affordable of which 10-15% shall be public housing);
  • Provide at least 25% of all dwellings to be readily adaptable to accommodate people with disabilities;
  • Achieve a 5 Star Green Star (or equivalent) environmentally sustainable design standard;
  • Contribute public art to a value equivalent to 1% of the development cost, located on or within 200m of the site.

vale street

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4 Responses to Update on Burt/Vale Street Scheme Amendment

  1. Diana Ryan says:

    The Housing Authority is the driver of the highly affordable (rental) and considerably more affordable mortgage product here, as it has done elsewhere, to the tune of 45% of new build offering overall.

    That means it achieves a balance between those on pensions, and between pension income and medium income level (singles up to 70K and couples up to 90K), as well as those that will sell at new build, Freo-based prices.

    Its a pity that all units don’t incorporate universal accessibility (for people with disabilities, or who wish to age in place), but clearly this is otherwise an excellent outcome that addresses the full income spectrum and everyone’s need for affordable housing. Congratulations to the Housing Authority.

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