Roe 8 and its (better) alternatives

The Roe 8 issue came to a head today as Main Road’s drillers flanked by police were confronted by protesters near Bibra Lake today.

The argument put by supporters of this project including the State Government is that Roe 8 is needed regardless of whether the inner harbour is ramped up via the PFL or the outer harbour is built sooner. I don’t find this argument convincing for a couple of reasons:

One, Roe 8 will, due to the extraordinary measures it is required to take to lessen environmental impacts, be an extremely expensive bit of road. It will cost an estimated $400-500 million dollars in total. That is $100 million per kilometre or $1million for every 10 metres of road. It is just NOT good value for money. This money could likely fund the extension of Tonkin Hwy to the freeway AND upgrades of from the freeway Anketell or Rowley Road ALL the way to the outer harbour.  This is because Anketell and Rowley Roads do not need to go over important wetlands.

I recently drove both of Anketell and Rowley Roads to get a first-hand view of how they could be upgraded for freight transport and I was convinced they could be with both minimal ecological damage and community impact.

IMG_1691 IMG_1692 IMG_1694 IMG_1696

Two, Roe 8 should be canned not only because it is expensive and wasteful of taxpayers dollars – it should also not happen because it is wrong to put a road through an ecologically important wetland when there are workable alternatives.

Three and finally,  we can only have certainty that we will not get a freight freeway carving up White Gum Valley, Fremantle, North Fremantle and other suburbs if Roe 8 doesn’t get built.

Roe 8 is going to be a major issue over the next few months. Fremantle Council has opposed this road for well over a decade and our opposition will continue.

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10 Responses to Roe 8 and its (better) alternatives

  1. Ross McCallum says:

    Great to see your continuing passionate opposition to this ill conceived, unsustainable project. As for the absurd assertion that the protest group is just a “rent a crowd” over 1000 people attending for 2 hours @ $50 per hour would total $100,000. I am sure that the protest groups can transparently open their books to show that they have never received or paid out these kind of amounts. When can we transparently see this government’s cost analysis of how they justify this destructive highway to nowhere.?

  2. Ramon Hannah says:

    Cant say I could agrre more with the views expressed by Brad the mayor of Fremantle .I am a bus driver who travels through Fremantle on a regular basis and fully agrees that the lack of vision shown by our Transport Minister and Premier in regards to a heavy vehicle transport link is disturbing and borders on outright arrogance, particularly when the alternative routes suggested by Fremantle Mayor havenot been considered and would allow for future expansion as required .Furthermore this would eliminate the destruction of sensitive wetlands, homes and lifestyles of the citizens of Fremantle and surrounding suburbs and also ensure the safety of other road users at significantly less cost.

  3. Greenie Greenfield says:

    This is the future. ‘Bring On The Link’ and stop trying to cut off Fremantle from the rest of Perth.
    We need to move the rail freight away from the centre of town and South Fremantle and run it around the town along Roe Hwy. Something similar to what was done in Geraldton. We could have light rail down to the soon to be vibrant Coogee coast.
    This could also be a great way to open up cycling to the eastern suburbs if it was run along the side like the Kwinana Freeway. Autonomous transport is on the way and we as a city should be embracing this and working with the State Government for the best sustainable (Long term) solution. A true re-thinking of a fully integrated transport solution, not just false scaremongering tactics by the Greens.
    By the way Brad when is the council going to remove/recycle all these orange signs littering the town. Roe 8 is a done deal. Time to start cleaning them up now and send the cost to the Political Greens led RTL group. They look horrendous and very un-environmentally friendly.
    The only Mayor working on this for the community benefit is Cockburn. They see the real economic opportunities for the future of their city (The only reason they are supporting the re-routing to their backyard).

    • Greenie/Andrew
      Do you understand that the proposed Perth freight link will NOT move the freight rail away from the centre of town or enable light rail to Coogee coast. In fact this is a long way from the integrated transport solution you start to outline. For that reason Freo Council will continue to oppose the expensive and damaging project.
      Cockburn, Kwinana, Freo and East Freo are all supporting the outer harbour option.
      thanks, Brad

  4. jpquinton says:

    The destruction of nearly 100ha of rare urban woodland is a disgrace.

  5. Nina Ambrose says:

    Thank you Mayor Brad
    .Your description and photos of the alternative to Roe 8 are very helpful.And so have fb shared it.
    Roe 8 can still be stopped.I have to phone the Federal Minister for the Enviroment josh Frydenburg (02) 62777920 (have only fbooked)

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