Tourism in WA: opportunities and challenges

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) runs a series called CEO Voice  and this week I had the opportunity to be a panellist on session on tourism in WA with a range of tourism experts. I felt like the least expert person in the room but it was good to be part of the conversation given Fremantle’s important role in tourism in WA – a role which is expected to grow following the Lonely Planet Top 10 City to visit in 2016 listing for Freo.

The key message that came out of the forum were that in WA’s post-mining construction phase, tourism has the potential to be a key economic growth area for WA.

While more recently the corporate sector has crowded out the recreational sector, this is rapidly changing.  For example, over 62 milliion Chinese  arevisiting overseas each year and they are becoming more independent travellers and eying off unique places like Australia and hopefully Fremantle.

This will require us becoming more “China ready” which will include multiple signage  in key locations.

The Weekend West Australian wrote this up as a double page spread this weekend and it is worth a read for what the opportunities and challenges are.

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2 Responses to Tourism in WA: opportunities and challenges

  1. freoview says:

    I have suggested multi-lingual signs, or phone apps, or whatever for Fremantle for many years Brad as it is the way to go. At the Roundhouse we have got many translations for our visitors about the history, including Mandarin, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese, Danish, Serb/Croat, Soanish, Portuguese and of course german, Italian, French, Dutch etc. It is a service highly appreciated by those who only understand one in ten words in Australian/English.

    Roel Loopers

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