Lessons for Perth from Vancouver – Gordon Price

A couple of weeks ago Gordon Price (Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University) shared his views on what Perth can learn from Vancouver.

The Committee for Perth recently posted the presentation of Youtube and it is worth a look (see below).

Gordon had some great lines including:

  • In 1997, Vancouver passed a planning law that wouldn’t increase road capacity but accommodated growth through walking, cycling and public transport. As a result, traffic volumes in and out of downtown Vancouver are the same today as in 1965
  • The definition of density is then the car is separated from the home. In suburbs we make cars part of the family by giving them their own room to live in.
  • Vancouver’s density has made it affordable for a wide range of incomes.
  • You lose the idea of the city when urban form follows parking.
  • Congestion is your friend. • Spending billions of dollars on roads won’t reduce congestion
  • New cycling city is when cycling is a substitute for car trips not MAMiLs (middle aged males in lycra) training.
  • If there’s a place on the planet which has invested in more roads and succeeded in getting rid of congestion I’d love to hear it.
  • Historically, people in Vancouver bought a home based on ‘location, location and location’ now it’s based on ‘transit, transit and transit’. Frequent transit network is essential. Every 40 seconds. Means you don’t need to own a car. The number of young adults in Vancouver with a drivers licence are in the minority
  • The best transportation plan is a great land use plan.
  • The sincerest form of rhetoric is your budget.

Here is the video of the presentation

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