Outer Harbour in Cockburn Sound/Kwinana provides solution to WA’s freight issues, say four Mayors

This media release went out today:


Following yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court which ruled that the WA Environmental Protection Authority’s approval of the Perth Freight Link was ‘invalid’, four councils have reiterated their support for an immediate commitment to build the Outer Harbour in Cockburn Sound.

The Mayors of Cockburn, East Fremantle, Fremantle and Kwinana say the outer harbour is seen by many as the ideal solution to address WA’s growing freight logistics issues.

Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said diverting freight via an extended Tonkin Highway to a new outer harbour makes economic, financial, social and environmental sense.

“This solution avoids sensitive environmental areas and takes advantage of existing or planned infrastructure such as roads, rail and strategic distribution centres.”

Town of East Fremantle Mayor Jim O’Neill said the development of the outer harbour in Cockburn Sound is a more visionary investment than trying to boost the sale price of an ageing port for short term gain.

City of Fremantle Mayor, Brad Pettitt said the City of Fremantle has always clearly supported the planning and development of an outer harbour in Kwinana as a sensible, long-term solution to container freight issues and hopes the court’s decision will encourage further discussion around this proposal.

Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams said a new Outer Harbour would be a strong employment and economic driver which would bring much needed jobs to the region.

“An outer harbour in this region is the future of port trade in WA. The port will create tens of thousands of jobs and generate billions in annual revenue to the state,” Mayor Adams said.

And all four Councils agree, if there is one thing that is almost unanimously supported across the State, even by the government itself, it’s the need for an Outer Harbour.

The Councils have united in their commitment to continue to push for the Outer Harbour along with other key stakeholders from a broad cross section of the community and business sectors.


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8 Responses to Outer Harbour in Cockburn Sound/Kwinana provides solution to WA’s freight issues, say four Mayors

  1. david andrews says:

    Can we see a basic plan view of the port concept please? And associated connection roads.

  2. Zamien Sumich says:

    So we avoid the Beelair wetlands and instead fill in part of Cockburn Sound and this in some way has LESS of an environmental impact?? Is it simply a case of, “Cockburn Sound is dying so lets just put the final bullet into its head”? Don’t get me wrong, I do not think that the Roe 8 extension is by any means a good idea, but the proposed alternative being better for the Environment is by no means correct. Cockburn Sound has had enough and is still under enough pressure without adding an massive infill project to it along with the associated increased traffic and pollution from container ship access.

    • This is an important issue and a second harbour in Kwinana will need to ideally be land banked rather than islands which will be more damaging the the ecology of the sound. Why it makes more sense to do the second harbour now is that the State Government have said that even with the PFL they will still have to do the outer harbour down the track. Double the environmental damage.
      cheers, Brad

    • Hi, Yes it’s a good point. As Brad says it’s going to happen anyway so need to ensure the environmental issues and consequences are well-considered. You might find this paper from Prof Phil Jennings of interest, see point 2: http://www.rethinkthelink.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/2015-11-24-The-Perth-Freight-Link-4-Myths-PJennings.pdf

      • Zamien Sumich says:

        The fact is, Cockburn Sound is over used and under extreme strain in its current state. With what is the largest spawning aggregation of Pink Snapper in WA, one of the most important all round fish nurseries in the state and what WAS an aquatic play ground for local families for generations ( I do emphasis WAS), the Sound is important for more than just the industries it has supported for decades. Something like the out harbour proposal could be the final straw that breaks this camels back!

        I do not agree that the outer harbour be viewed as a fait accompli and that we should just make the best of the situation. Filling in hectares of ocean just because said ocean has been raped and abused by industry for years, does not excuse the process. Anyone who spends any amount of time on or under the waters of the sound is aware of the changes caused by industry, this does not mean that we should proceed based on business as usual.

        I am sure that we will need to do something re our port requirements into the future and I do understand that the people of Fremantle will more than likely want it moved from their area, but this does not mean that the proposed actions being put forward for Cockburn Sound are in anyway a good thing for the life of the sound or the future of a healthy sound for My children to enjoy as I have and my father has and his father before him, not to mention those that were here before any of us.

        Its just a bit sad that the harbour is being portrayed as an option of no environmental or minimal (which it is not) consequence.



  3. Peter Damjanovich-Napoleon says:

    It doesn’t make much social or environmental sense. Out of site out of mind.

    This will just put more pressure on the Cockburn Sound that has been pushed to it limits environmentally already.

    The Fremantle port should stay. Roe 8 should go ahead but a bridge should be built over the Bibra Lake Wetlands and architecturally built so as to add to the aesthetics. The PFL should be built. And Cockburn Sound should be managed so as to not do anymore damage than has already been done.

    As has previously been said in these comments, Cockburn Sound is a breeding ground for a lot of sea life and a play ground for many. The Sound needs to be nurtured and looked after!

  4. Damien says:

    Build the underground tunnel along with Roe 8. No more trucks in residential areas and we can still be a port city.

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