Fun Freo Photo Competition to close 2015… and Happy New Year

As a way of closing off another year I thought I’d end the year off with another  little fun Freo photo competition with some snaps I took in 2013.

The first person to write and tell me where in Fremantle each of the following  10 photos was taken from (not what they were taken of) gets me to buy them lunch in Fremantle at a café of their choosing.

If no one gets them all then the winner will be the person with the most correct.

Thanks for reading along and commenting on Freo issues throughout 2015.

Happy New Year!

Picture 10

Photo 1

Picture 9

Photo 2

Picture 8

Photo 3

Picture 7

Photo 4

Picture 6

Photo 5

Picture 5

Photo 6

Picture 4

Photo 7

Picture 3

Photo 8

Picture 2

Photo 9

Picture 1

Photo 10

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8 Responses to Fun Freo Photo Competition to close 2015… and Happy New Year

  1. Emma Anda says:

    1. Taken from inside the bottle shop of The Local (the old Seaview pub), on South Terrace, facing down Rose Street

    2. Taken from the roof terrace Roof terrace of Bib and Tucker (on top of the surf club)

    3. Taken from inside the grounds of the Fremantle Prison YHA building, inside the green communal area of the youth hostel

    4. Taken from standing on South Terrace, looking at the side of a building that fronts onto South Terrace in South Fremantle, the building is across the road and down a bit from The Corner Store

    5. Taken from the old yards on Wood Street, looking towards the Freo council depot and the golf course (possibly taken from the boat that was being worked on at these yards, the boat that was placed outside the Town Hall, up high, during the Freo Festival)

    6. Taken from the beach, down around C Y O’Connor beach

    7. Taken from the Beaconsfield light industrial area, facing towards Clontarf Hill

    8. Taken from standing on Quarry Street, facing north east

    9. Taken from standing in the new development, behind Culley’s Tearooms, off the High Street Mall, facing west

    10. Taken from the old Wool stores building, on Cantonment street, facing south

  2. Emma Anda says:

    Wow some of those photos are very challenging to work out where they were taken from! Lots of fun having a go, cheers.

  3. Philipp sebastian says:

    Local hotel 1.
    Near leighton beach 2.
    Freo prison 3.
    … 4.
    South terrace … Shop 5.
    Council depot near golf course 6.
    Queen Victoria and quarry st 8.
    Back of Newport hotel ? 9.
    Looking towards the old FTI cinema 10.

    Good completion !
    Cheers Phil

  4. sailorsilke says:

    1. South Beach hotel bottle shi
    2. Surf life saving club north freo facing east
    3. Backpackers freo womens prison
    4. North freo at train line
    5. Next to ooton& lincoln cafe south terrace
    6. Road to golf course off high st
    7.cantonment hill
    8. Next to Elizabeth book store Queen elizab street
    9. Corner room restaurant south terrace
    10. taget block adelaide st facing east towards FTI

  5. Emma Anda says:

    This is the first time ever I have had a crack at this comp and I am excited! Bit harder to try and figure out where the photo was taken from, rather than what it is of. A good twist on the regular approach of a photo comp. When is the grand declaration of the winner by the way?!

  6. I have a good idea of all of them ……how do I enter?

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