And the winner is…

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the mystery photo competition over the Christmas/New Year’s break. Dozens of you had a go and I was very impressed at how well many of you did. I thought I might have made it too hard this year.

But there can only be one* winner and well done to Michael Separovich (who sent me the following answers on Facebook) for going above and beyond and getting these ALL pretty well correct. Here is how he answered (with minor bits of commentary from me):

  1. The drive through of the Seaview hotel looking down rose street. (Now The Local Hotel)
  2. The land sale lookout tower at Leighton beach looking ENE onto freeman loop.
  3. Fremantle prison, the small business centre located on the north west corner. (Not quite new YHA but close enough)
  4. Lot 2 murphy street in O’Connor – recognised the frank knight sign and used that to find the blocks (that is right is of my favourite industrial structure in O’Conner and is on Forsyth Street – photo below again)
  5. The graffiti on the side of the den just next door to my friend snowy’s house. Which would put you at 252 south terrace.
  6. The cliff at the back of the Fremantle depot. So somewhere out the back of wood street. Looking east over the depot to the golf course.
  7. Hollis park. Planting some trees were we? Looking down Brockman place towards a Reece plumbing sign that *almost* is unrecognisable.
  8. QUEEN VICTORIA STREET! Taken from the pile of rubble
  9. From either the community gardens or from the back of il cibo.
  10. Using visual clues… inside the second highest floor of the tallest building in the middle of the Westgate mall, on the easternmost window looking north.

A special commendations to Emma Anda, Olga Cironis, and Vanessa with the heritage team from the City of Fremantle who all did extremely well and got most them correct also. Great work.

Thanks to you all.

*actually there can be two! Allen O’Shea also got them all correct as well but I overlooked his entry on messenger! While Michael beat him to the punch, Allen was spot on for all. So Allen wins lunch too.

Picture 7

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One Response to And the winner is…

  1. Emma Anda says:

    Thanks Brad, wow I am very impressed with Michael’s answers! I was very happy to get a special commendation, I had fun having a go, was a good challenge.

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