Development gathering pace in North/East End of Freo

Dan Wilkes from WA Business News has written a good summary of the developments in North Fremantle and the East End of the CBD. It makes for a pretty good list. You may have to register the read the whole article.

As it happens, late last week I attended the official ground breaking ceremony of the Defense Housing Association (DHA) at which Phil Walley-Stack did a great welcome to country (see photo). This 165 apartment development should be underway in earnest in coming weeks and is opposite the $130 million, 183 unit  Heirloom Woolstores project which is also powering ahead.

It has taken a while but pleasing to see this transformation underway.






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5 Responses to Development gathering pace in North/East End of Freo

  1. johnwv says:

    This is fantastic and while I know the COF only lobby’s for public transport and energy efficient infrastructure on the criteria of leadership, is it now not the time the COF at least puts a hand up for the new North East and existing North Fremantle residents and asks the State for a walk on train station at Tydeman Rd.

    Everyone knows the outcome of providing high density development without planning opportunities for residents to get on public transport (rail) is more cars, more often on our roads.

    Having lived in COF’s highest density village for almost 20 yrs, I can assure you of that.

    Kind regards
    John Vodanovic

  2. Damien says:

    Quickly quickly before Freo turns into a dust bowl. We have everything here and love it
    yet the planning and processes in place take 5 – 10 years for simple projects

    • As I said Damien, the truth is the delays on the Hilton are not coming from the City but from the developer. Most projects are approved within 60 days. They could have lodged a building permit application and started construction in early 2014 (as stated in the West article). We all want to see that happen ASAP

  3. Damien says:

    Many thanks Brad. You have done may great things since becoming mayor but I get so frustrated with the speed of the progress. I worry that we are getting left behind, yet we have the best of everything here. Perhaps as part of the development approval, we could include a construction commencement date?

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