Melissa Parke to leave federal parliament at the next election

Melissa Parke as been an outstanding Federal member for Fremantle. A big thanks to her for her strong social conscience and being willing to stand up and speak out on issue both locally, nationally and internationally. We could do with people in politics like her.

This is the first part of the medial release that just went out.


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2 Responses to Melissa Parke to leave federal parliament at the next election

  1. dianaryan1 says:

    Ms Parke had a strong concern for and engagement with people with disabilities – and in their employment in meaningful jobs with sustainable remuneration. Its a star quality neither reflected nor deployed in almost all other politicians and those who aspire to be one, and it begs the question “Who are we fighting for a better world for?”. The usual suspects? At each and every stage, every event, every turn in what we pour our energy into and say “must happen”, people with disabilities don’t factor in equally and have been bypassed by concerns for newer human causes now without the momentum to put that same energy in to those with disabilities in the first place.

    Yet it didn’t kill Melissa Parke or make her less effective to have a very smart young man (of course) with a high level of disability working within her small team of crucial people. Its a choice the next person who will bid for and win her seat probably will not make, which would make what happens next less a forward moment and more a return to the past.

    Freo had a choice too, Brad – still does. Perhaps you can influence real and momentous willingness to employ people with disability in areas other than parks and gardens as you recruit a new CEO.

  2. dianaryan1 says:

    PS: Unfortunately it may need a “quota” to be established. Far too easily airbrushed away, otherwise.

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