Mayors in push to build outer port

,Mayors in push to build outer port
An artist’s impression of how an outer harbour port at Kwinana could look. Image: Supplied

Four mayors and the president of WAFarmers have joined forces to shift the State Government’s focus away from Fremantle Port to the development of a multibillion-dollar alternative in the outer harbour.

WAFarmers president Dale Park and City of Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt, the City of Cockburn’s Logan Howlett, the City of Kwinana’s Carol Adams and the Town of East Fremantle’s Jim O’Neill fear the WA economy could be hamstrung for the rest of the century if the outer harbour is overlooked in the rush to sell off State assets.

Jim O’Neill (East Fremantle), Brad Pettitt (Fremantle), Dale Park (WA Farmers Federation), Logan Howlett (Cockburn) and Carol Adams (Kwinana). Picture: Danella Bevis/The West Australian

Mr Park said that if the Government only concentrated on the Perth Freight Link and the inner harbour sale, WA was unlikely to see the benefits of a high-tech port able to handle giant container ships and with room to grow with industry.

The City of Kwinana has a new port site which would align with Rowley and Anketell roads and be serviced by a rail line.

Fremantle Port. Picture: Astrid Volzke/The West Australian

Treasurer Mike Nahan said forcing an early move to the outer harbour would result in stranded and under-utilised assets. Dr Nahan said the Government was on target to sell Fremantle Port by August.

It is still working on details of a sale package expected to fetch about $2 billion.

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2 Responses to Mayors in push to build outer port

  1. Andrew says:

    This all sounds great for the other councils. So what’s in it for Fremantle?

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