Fremantle’s newest shared use path

Fremantle’s newest shared use path  opened today linking Tydeman Rd and Queen Vic Street in North Fremantle. Previously you had to ride or walk on a narrow bit of path around the entrance to the Swan Hotel, get though a random mix of cars turning, pub patrons and bikes – and it was less than ideal.

A huge thanks for all those involved in getting this project on the ground. Thanks to Fremantle Ports and the Public Transport Authority for working with the City of Fremantle to enable what was previously Ports land to be used for this community purpose.

Not only is this a great new pedestrian and cycle facility but the City of Fremantle construction team have also done a great job embedding sustainability elements within the project.   The path has been constructed with recycled asphalt and has new solar lighting installed along the length.

Special thanks to Concerned Resident Robert Fittock for giving up his time for the photo shoot.

tydeman 2 tydeman 3

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9 Responses to Fremantle’s newest shared use path

  1. Murray Slavin says:

    Great move! Takes the only unpleasant part of the ride to work out of the trip and takes us almost to the door of our office

  2. johnwv says:

    A ripping result Brad. Now if we could have a bike rack and a train station behind the pub, car reliance would be minimised and the path use maximised by local public transport commuters…… 😉

    John V

  3. This is bloody awesome. This will link the bikeway so well and make it a lot easier for roadbikes to stop clogging the bridge.

  4. Smith says:

    Yay I am really happy it was previously a nightmare, this is a joy

  5. ralphy says:

    Great! Now if we can finish off the path up the railway to Grant St we’ll really be in business.
    Always fear for my life thrust on to the road across Eric St..

  6. robjwall says:

    The next step will be a safe crossing of Tydemman! Thanks Freo.

  7. Geraldine Box says:

    Well done Freo! Can’t wait to peddle down from Vincent to Freo and take this route. Keep up the good work. Bike Friendly Vincent says👍

  8. Mabeljulie says:

    Yes a pedestrian/bike overpass (or underpass) for Tydemman Rd joining this new bike path up with Pearse St would be fantastic.

  9. Roland says:

    So happy. Crucial link from East Freo to Leighton Beach. Thanks Brad.

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