Greening your verge – A WA Today comparison

I thought this was a timely article in WA Today on greening our suburb’s verges.

It goes on to say:

While readers may be unsurprised the award for the most rigid policy goes to Peppermint Grove, and that one of the most progressive is Fremantle, they might be struck by the wild variations in what councils allow, by some unexpected quiet achievers… and non-achievers. 

If you are interested in greening your verge in Freo the link to the guidelines can be found here:

Over the next few months is a good time to plan and prepare your verge before late Autumn/early winter planting


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2 Responses to Greening your verge – A WA Today comparison

  1. nwhish says:

    I’m confused by the concept in the article of needing to save water, when I thought the majority of it was already produced by reverse osmosis and powered by windmills in Cervantes? If you can afford it shouldn’t you use as much water as possible to help payback the government’s investment in these assets quicker?

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