Fremantle in 1982 via Micko’s Horse & Cart Tour

A few years ago I put this up but it has been generating some good discussion lately so I thought it worth putting up again

I was truly amazed to see how much Fremantle has changed over the last 30 years. The Norfolk Hotel appears it was the Cobblers, Henderson St wasn’t a mall, The Woolstores were more than a shopping centre, Bathers Beach was a run-down ship yard, and the Fremantle Hotel sold Swan Lager ! There aren’t many trees either.

It is also amazing how much stays the same. It really is worth a look.


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2 Responses to Fremantle in 1982 via Micko’s Horse & Cart Tour

  1. Ric and Jill Aldrovandi says:

    Fascinating times. A time between booms. The dip and consequence of cheap rents, brought in the art and music which became such a strong part of the Fremantle scene pre-Cup. Majority of the pubs still had a following and offered a substantial counter lunch or dinner. Papa Luigi’s was serving coffee on the strip and the Capri and the Roma were busy icons. Pizza Bella Roma served the best pizzas out of a shop front. Two way streets were one way, one way streets were two way and traffic flowed in opposite directions. A mixture of cultures and socioeconomic groups blended harmoniously. Thank you Brad. Anymore hidden away in peoples’ collections.
    They are all historic moments and show what can change in a mere 30 odd years.

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