Missy Higgins Kicks Off Concerts at J-Shed

It was really great to see the first big concert work so well at J Shed last night. It was one of those idyllic warm summer nights. A zephyr like Fremantle Doctor and the glow of the lights of Bathers Beach and Fishing Boat Harbour made for a special backdrop.

Missy Higgins concert was sold out and around 1000 people attended the expanded J Shed concert format. In my view it was a success not only because those who came clearly thought it was an amazing spot for concert but also because the fears articulated in the public advertising period – including traffic impacts, noise and anti-social behaviour – did not appear.

What we had instead was a wonderfully relaxed and diverse concert audience from under 7 weeks to over 70 years of age, all well behaved.

After a tasty feed from one of the half dozen or so food trucks, a short welcome from the City of Fremantle to all attending and an acknowledgment of Noongar country, I left the concert about half way through to check out the noise impacts on the West End that had been hotly debated.

Up behind the Roundhouse at the lookout there were a few people and families enjoying the view and music but once you were around the other side at the Roundhouse’s front door you could only hear the music from Bathers Beach House and the Kelp Bar. Surprisingly none from the J Shed concert. Once down on High Street in the West End there was almost no sound from the concert at all as far as I could tell. While I expect that different concerts and wind conditions will have varied results in regard to noise it was good to experience it working so well (and how we were advised it largely would) on its first night.

These concerts were undoubtedly one of the most controversial parts of the J Shed approval and what its first big night showed is that it can work well and 12 or so of these a year would not not be an unreasonable imposition.

I’d be interested in others feedback as we are seeing the first 12months or so as a bit of a trial where we can iron out issues. Personally I am looking forward to the next one and J Shed becoming an iconic concert destination.

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2 Responses to Missy Higgins Kicks Off Concerts at J-Shed

  1. Ros Fairhead says:

    Well Brad, Missy Higgins crowd was quiet and orderly, not so for the San Cisco concert Sat 19th. So loud couldn’t hear television inside home. Also, patrons leaving concert very kindly threw a witches hat into Notre Dame window and destroyed it. No security guards anywhere and it was only 9.59pm. Obviously Sunset started quietly and intend to build up the noise after lulling us all into a false sense of security. Ros Fairhead

    • Ros
      I popped into the last half hour or so of Saturday night concert a J Shed as I was interested to see how a rockier outfit might impact.

      Walking down High Street just before 9pm the band was not audible until I was past the Orient Hotel.

      Between here and the J Shed the bass could be heard but it wasn’t very loud especially given the crisp but bass heavy mix inside the venue. I am surprised that it was loud for you.

      There was a 11kmh wind from the SSW and while it looked a bit blustery on stage it was pleasant inside.

      Crowd was varied from 18 to 70 but overall it was younger than previous gigs with an average age of late 20s.

      It finished just before 9.30 with most leaving via tunnel which pleasingly had security asking people to be quiet as they left.

      I walked down High Street with majority of patrons and saw no trouble as I left. I am interested in what led you to assume it was patrons who did the damage to Notre Dame window?

      thanks, Brad

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