New Freo Youth Plan – we want your ideas

One of the things that I have been really proud of the last few years is not only how the City of Fremantle has got better at engaging with its youth but how youth have really stepped up, engaged and provided inspirational leadership and change in Fremantle. So a big thanks the Christine George and the team and also to all our great young people for being part of it.

But now the City of Fremantle Youth Plan 2012 – 2015 has been completed and we need the help of all our young in drafting our new Freo youth plan.

If you aged 12 – 25 (or you can tell someone who is) we would love your feedback to assist the city to know whether we are on the right track with the youth engagement opportunities we provide.

This survey will be open from Friday 26 February to Sunday 13 March.

Over the duration of the last plan there have been a number of initiatives take place, such as:

  • new youth events
  • developed a social media suite to communicate with young people, called Freo Youth Events
  • built a new space for young people called the Esplanade Youth Plaza (EYP)

it might be easier if you watch this 2 minute clip instead…

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