Freo’s Indigenous Work Target Close to Being Met

I was very pleased to see the City of Fremantle’s progress on increasing our employment rate among those of indigenous and Torres Strait Islander descent. Back in 2010 less than half of one percent of the City of Fremantle 400 odd employees were of Aboriginal origin. Now it is at 3.66% which is only one (1) Full Time Employee (FTE) away from the 4% target we set in 2010.

Thanks to Councillors  Josh Wilson and Sam Wainwright who worked with staff to develop the target.

Performance for previous years is as follows:

Indigenous employees as a percentage of total City workforce
2009/10 0.5%
2010/11 1.50%
2011/12 2.05%
2012/13 3.40%
2013/14 2.33%
014/15 (to December 2015) 3.66%


So far so good but what next? With the recent decision to introduce a 4% KPI to support employment for people with disability plus the indigenous employment already in place, council saw now as an opportune time to introduce a broader-based workforce diversity plan. So Fremantle Council has endorsed the development of a five year workforce diversity plan (2016-20) which will place an emphasis on valuing workplace differences as good management practice.


The plan, which will soon be developed, will consider the following groups of people when setting employment targets and policies for the City of Fremantle:

  • Indigenous Australians
  • People with a disability
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse people
  • Carers
  • Mature age workers
  • Young people.


Here is the Fremantle Gazette’s coverage:

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2 Responses to Freo’s Indigenous Work Target Close to Being Met

  1. dianaryan1 says:

    Well done, Mayor, Sam Wainwright and City of Freo.

    A sustainable-community value being played out through assurance of provision of sustainably-remunerated diverse-community employment opportunities being acted on.

    A stand out effort.

  2. dianaryan1 says:

    Oh and Hilary Clinton would be proud – I’ll alert Donald Trump to your post, Brad!

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