Mayors for Peace – An Australian Gift to Nagasaki

As you might be aware, the City of Fremantle is a lead Council in the global Mayors for Peace Campaign. This is a campaign of Mayors all around the world that advocates for the elimination of nuclear weapons. I wrote about my experiences in Hiroshima – which was bombed –  a couple of years back.

More recently Mayors for Peace has been working alongside an Aboriginal community to put an Australia memorial in Nagasaki – the only other city ever to suffer the horror of an atomic bomb.

This will be unveiled later this month in Nagasaki

The sculpture has been designed in Yalata (remote South Australia), an Aboriginal community affected by atomic testing in Australia, and is a peace gift from one atomic survivor community to another, in collaboration with the Cities of Fremantle, Cockburn, Subiaco and Mayors for Peace Australia.

This will be the first Australian presence in Japan’s renowned Peace Park and will recognise Australia’s affected communities internationally, and bridge links between Japanese and Australian atomic survivor communities.

The team behind this are trying to raise money to pay for the project. Watch the 3min video about the artists and historic gifting:

Donations (which are tax-deductible) will help gift the unique sculpture from Australia to Japan – an artwork and message of peace to stand for centuries in the Nagasaki Peace Park.



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