ANZAC Day in Feo


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3 Responses to ANZAC Day in Feo

  1. Frank O'Neill says:

    I would leave a detailed comment if I could read the smalland blured print on the poster Brad. I trust there will be a place to sit at the Dawn Service for an old Digger I had to stand out in the sun on Remembrence day and was turned away from the shaded parking area as I wasnt a VIP. But was good enough to go to Vietnam for two years when politicians needed boddies.

    • Frank
      Apologies. If you click on the photo it will blow up the a full size. But in summary – the parade through town starts at 10.15 am.

      There is also a dawn ceremony at Monument Hill at 5.50 am for those who don’t mind getting up early, and a ceremony at 9am in North Fremantle as well.

      The RSL Gunfire Breakfast will be held at Princess May Park from 7 am.

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