Freo Traffic Bridge to Reopen (and we learnt a few things from it being closed too)

The good news is that Main Roads say the Fremantle Traffic Bridge is likely to be reopened in time for tomorrow morning’s peak traffic period after being closed last week for repairs. But the last three days have been instructional on a few levels.

First, it has reinforced what successive Fremantle Councils, local state members, and even Main Roads have said about the old Fremantle Traffic Bridge – it should be replaced. It was built as a temporary bridge 77years ago and is been kept safe through a $400k a year been spent on maintenance let alone the $21 million on pier protection works that have been happening over the last year.  It is time for the government to invest in an iconic new bridge across the Swan between the old traffic bridge and the railway bridge.

Second, it has also demonstrated what traffic will increasingly be like in North Fremantle with the Perth Freight Link enabling the increase of traffic. The projected doubling in truck numbers and associated induced demand that building freeways inevitably create means we can expect a lot more traffic on Stirling Hwy over the next decade. There were reports of traffic on Canning Hwy backed up this morning almost as far as Petra Street and on Saturday it was a queue from the new back all the way to the old one.  In otherwords it has shown that stage three of the PFL from High Street to the Fremantle Port need to be sorted out ASAP – or more sensibly an outer harbour built.


Finally, a great thing it has shown is the potential and possibility for turning the old Fremantle Traffic Bridge into an iconic highline style pedestrian bridged with cafes and greens spaces over the Swan River (as per our Freo 2029 visioning document). Despite the old bridge being passed its used by date, I love this old wooden bridge with its fishing spots and romantic construction. This past week has made me think this old bridge deserves a rest and a new more peaceful life.

northern gateway 2.pngnorthern gateway

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9 Responses to Freo Traffic Bridge to Reopen (and we learnt a few things from it being closed too)

  1. johnwv says:


    The new bridge diagram and any proposed highline style pedestrian bridge could be complemented with a new North Fremantle train station behind the Swan Hotel and a renovated Leighton train station. Both stations could be walk/cycle on stations without the need for a carpark because both stations fit the criteria of having established high density housing within 600m of the station. Not to mention people attracting things that already exist here like the beach, river, cafes and music venues.

    With the temporary closing of the Swan St left turn into QV Street on Saturday morning, the North Freo density was never more evident when Northbank witnessed a vehicle traffic jam heading out of the only village exit on Pensioner Guard Rd.

    Attracting more people to the beautiful spaces around the old traffic bridge and the north bank of the Swan River will help introduce level headed consideration to any proposal to modify the existing freight system through this sometimes forgotten Fremantle treasure.

    John Vodanovic

  2. Roland says:

    I’m with you until the last point Brad. Just knock it down, there is such a thing as too many cafes and pop up bead stores. Donate the timber to local carpenters to turn into furniture,

  3. Roland says:

    Oh god. I shouldn’t comment from bed on the iPad. Please edit those hilarious auto corrects,

  4. Mick Mocin says:

    The logical solution is have an outer harbour with a slow progression of moving from the inner harbour to the outer harbour. This was planned to be done many years ago with the demolition of Wattleup. What Happened?? The Liberals thats what, they screwed it up and reverted to plans that had been stamped back in the fifties. During the transition convert the old traffic bridge to café and eateries. Entice cruise ships to the inner harbour and promote tourism.

  5. Stuart says:

    So your solution to increased future traffic is close down one of two river crossings? The traffic was chaos yesterday and will be with only one bridge. Your thought bubble to convert the bridge into a highline is shortsighted with no understanding of traffic movements/requirements. Just fix the fucking thing!

  6. “traffic banked up almost to Petra street” haha. Someone could have been 4minutes longer to drop their kids at school on Stirling hey. Perth has no traffic at all.

  7. Stuart Endersby says:

    Totally agree Brad with your comments. What a great opportunity we have. Stu

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