Today is a significant day at the City of Fremantle: We have a new CEO.

Today is a significant day at the City of Fremantle. Today our long-serving CEO Graeme Mackenzie officially handed over the reins to our new CEO, Philip St. John (St. John is pronounced ‘sin-jin’).

I’m very pleased to welcome Phil to lead the City of Fremantle through its next exciting phase. He was chosen from more than 100 candidates nationwide because he’s known for his innovative thinking and ability to get things done.

Phil will continue to drive the bold vision for Fremantle’s revitalisation, including implementing council’s recently adopted 2015-2025 community strategic plan.

I’d like to thank Graeme not only for his almost 12 years as Fremantle CEO but for his 43 years of service to the local government industry. Fremantle’s foundations are now very strong and Graeme’s guidance has been instrumental in getting Fremantle back on track. I know Graeme will be following our progress very closely, even after his retirement.

Progress has been a key theme over recent years and I’m pleased to say the future of Fremantle is looking very bright thanks to Graeme and the teams hard work. We have an unprecedented $1.4b pipeline of development coming on line over coming years and we continue to be a world-renowned festival and music hotspot as well as an industry leader in sustainability, being one of only two internationally recognised One Planet certified councils in Australia.

All of this was all capped off by our selection by Lonely Planet as a Top 10 city to visit in 2016 – an unexpected but nonetheless huge honour the whole community can share.

But there is lots more to do and I know Phil is up for the challenge.



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One Response to Today is a significant day at the City of Fremantle: We have a new CEO.

  1. blagg60 says:

    Graeme was a great CEO and welcome to Phil.

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